Must be what he said to Jane before he put it in…

↖ This blogger is currently an emotional wreck due to TWDG Amid The Ruins


Our emotions (and sanity) are literally in ruins.

  • Friend: It's just a game...
  • Me: What did you just say, you little fuck? (⊙‿⊙ ✿)
  • Telltale: Hey you guys wanna see Nick without his hat?!
  • Fandom: Yes please!
  • Telltale: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


when fans finish amid the ruins

We can eat raccoon?


Pretty much lol


Luke’s weak reaction to Nick’s death

Luke fooling around w/ Jane when he’s supposed to be watching out for Rebecca

Luke reacting more to Jane leaving than Nick’s death

Luke telling Kenny to stop acting “weird” about the baby

Luke in episode four


  • Sarita: Dead
  • Nick: Dead
  • Sarah: Dead
  • Rebecca: Dead
  • Me: Dead inside


You will never stop me from buying shirts in the kids section. Never.

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Telltale Games

What are…things that can go fuck themselves?